Grades And Intelligence

write-dissertationDo grades reflect the level of intelligence? If you flunk an exam, does that mean that you are doomed and can’t do well in the other arenas of your life? If you get unprecedented grades does that guarantee you a successful career ? Does it depict that you have an inherent ability to do well at other tasks which are outside the boundaries of your college? The answer to all of the above questions is No! Absolutely Not!

Is Failing an option?

So if grades don’t reflect intelligence nor doesn’t label you as a dumb person if you scored considerably low at an exam, is flunking an option? No! Grades may not showcase how smart you actually are but can be a ticket to landing at your dream job. We are not undermining your potential but we are merely questioning the outcome. Who would hire you if you have straight F’s compared to straight A’s? think about it.


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